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Monday turns into Tuesday...

Hi everyone, here it is Tuesday and I have managed to let another Monday slip by me... oh well, I made it before Wednesday, anyway!

How are you all doing? This last month has been a hard one all around, and I'm sure things aren't going to be 'normal' (whatever that means) for a while longer, but let's try and be positive!

Here in NZ, we are reducing to Level 2 restrictions later this week, after spending the last two weeks under Level 3 rules, and the five before that under full Level 4 lockdown. Our Covid19 numbers are small, so we are doing a lot better than many others around the world, and I'm feeling very lucky. I haven't seen my mum since mid-March, and am looking forward to visiting her again this Sunday. I'm also looking forward to seeing my eldest daughter again, whose 'bubble' is over at her boyfriend's place, which is a little closer than my mum's so we were able to meet up in a park (keeping our distance) in between our places under Level 3 a couple of weeks ago. I hope that Covid19 numbers are dropping where you are and that you are all able to reduce your restrictions soon, if they haven't already.

Have you got any great plans for creativeness this week? I would like to say I randomly managed to write 250 words last week, so I am quite happy since I haven't written any since Feb, and have positive thoughts that it could happen again soon!

How are all the Big Buddy challengers doing? You should be at about 39% now.

And the challenges up this last week have been:

Fortune Cookie Challenges - there's actually been 2 since last Monday's post!

Numbers Challenge: 603

A-Z Challenge: S

Weekend Challenge: Fanfic Quotes

Let's not forget the wonderful Word of the Day prompts!

And remember Bingo is our current long challenge, so go grab a card and play along!

As for a flash challenge, how about this one: "It's about time!" Give me 100+ words or a graphic for the heck of it, if creativity allows!

And that's it from me for now. I wish you a great week, wherever you are, no matter what level of restrictions you're in.
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