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a geek in such the wrong way

April count!

And once again I am apologising because I am late with this, but here I am at last!

Here is the count news!


Image word: 172 x 1,000. This is up by 32 from last month!

Written word: 973,012. We're up 292,011 from last month's figures, which is pretty damned good!!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2020: 1,145,012


This is a great result! We are 1/3 of the way through 2020 and it sure hasn't been an easy year for most of us. My hat is off to everyone who has even attempted something creative during lockdown, as it's not the first thing most of us will be thinking of. The fact that so many of you have managed to contribute in April is amazing, and I thank you all.

Don't forget that Bingo is still going on during May, and you have until the end of the month to get some cards filled! Good luck!

Now, let's be creative out there!!! ;-)
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