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It’s not Monday anymore.


I like to be honest. I like to make it clear that crappy things happen and that there are upsides, and I like to make it known that I do utterly ridiculous things that make for great stories later.

So…. Yeah, Monday’s post didn’t happen.
I don’t know who among you is sheltering at home, working from home, horribly unemployed, critically employed, or essentially employed. My workplace is essential. Anyway, the thing that happened on Monday with me was because it is such a wobbly world. Mon to Fri is somewhat normal although eggshells and stressful. Saturday and Sunday, I don’t leave the house. Sundays I barely get out of bed. And Sunday was so bad this last weekend that I didn’t sleep at all Sunday night and started crying about 5 in the morning. We have a strict no crying rule at work, so I called out of work. I have spent the rest of the week trying to catch up.

And that is why you didn’t have a Monday post. And that is okay. I want you all to know that it is all okay. I’m doing okay today, Sunday will be crappy. But I ordered groceries that were delivered this week, and there was ice cream in the order as well as Nyquil so that I do get some sleep on Sunday night.

Some of us are having a wonderfully creative isolation, some of us aren’t, but we can cheer on those of you who are ABSOLUTELY KICKING IT!!!. LOOKIT YOU GO! Just wait till H does the count for April and watch in awe as we climb the numbers!

So in the interest of actual Comm business:
1 – We’re in the midst of BINGO – How are you doing? Can we tempt you with another card? Hmmm?
2 – Big Buddy, um yeah 3%, how are you all doing?
4 – Flash Challenge – “NO! You have to get out of bed!”
5 – There is no 3! So go check out some of the prompts this week that have been left like bread crumbs leading to you SUPER HIGH COUNTS

Love you all!
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