Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

Last Minute Random Weekend Prompts...

As it's last minute, and I didn't get the chance to plan a theme like usual, I'm going with a site of 700+ writing prompts.

I've used it before for my own stuff, and find them pretty good so...what I'll do is this:

Tell me how many prompts you're in for and I'll send you something random from the list. Give me at least 200 words, a banner, or two icons inspired by your prompt by Thursday...we'll see what I can offer in return (words to my wip, icons, maybe a drabble ;) )

I'll be at work this morning, so the prompts may get to you after noon my time, but I'll get them out as soon as I can!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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