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Weekend Challenge - Musicals and Showtunes

Greetings! I know the days may be running together for some of you, but the weekend is finally upon us, so I'm here with what is hopefully a little inspiration.

I'm a showtunes geek. My aunt would bring me to musicals as a kid and continue that education well into my adulthood. My brother and I would walk around the house singing all the songs from musicals where he was a chorus member or that I was involved in during high school so I wound up knowing all the songs from musicals like "Oklahoma!", "Brigadoon", and "Man of La Mancha" to name a few. I love the Broadway channel on Sirius (even though, inexplicably, "Being Alive" from "Company", which I dislike with the intensity of a thousand suns, plays every single time I'm able to listen to it).

For this weekend's challenge, I've taken a list of Tony winners of Best New Musical from 1949 to 2019 (the list is not chronological) and chosen one song from each musical (only a few of them are the best known songs, most were chosen for their prompt value). Pick a number or numbers from 1-72 or as for a certain number of random prompts and I'll give you the title of a musical and a song. You can use either or both for whatever you create.

If you write at least 200 words or create some art by 11:59PM on April 30, I'll reward you with words to my works in process or a drabble of some kind.

Dive in, good luck, happy writing, and I apologize in advance for any earworms that may come of this.
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