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Monday not like Monday!

But it is still Monday, so there's a bonus for you - me posting on time for a change!!! ;-)

How's lockdown treating you (if you are in it!)? Here in NZ, we are just about at the end of our initial four weeks of level 4 lockdown, and the government has decided we will stay in it for another week and then move to a level 3 stage for two further weeks before reviewing it again. We have fairly low numbers of Covid19 here with total cases under 2000. Of these, almost 1000 people have already recovered, and only 12 have died so far. With some luck and people sticking to the rules at both level 4 now and once we go to level 3 (some restrictions lifted but much remains the same as now), we will wipe this thing out over here! Good luck where you are.

As for creativity, I have not been writing, but last week I did manage to create the rewards banners for the Rare Pairs challenge we held in Jan/Feb, so yay! And despite intending to post my own Rare Pairs fic way back then, I just started posting that on Friday! WOOT! I posted Part 2 earlier today and I aim to get the rest posted over the next couple of weeks. For any of you interested, it's a H50 fic featuring Steve McGarrett/Adam Noshimuri, and if you want to read it, it's here on AO3 and here on LJ.

Aside from that, I've been continuing to knit, and soon will be starting a crochet project.

How about you? What creative pursuits have you been up to, and what do you have planned to make this week awesome?

Reminders for this week's challenges are up! There's the Daily Count Challenge still going on, so don't forget your day! And don't forget the Word of the Day prompts, either - simplyn2deep keeps both of these challenges up to date and she does a wonderful job - thank you, so much, Liz!

We also have the other weekly stuff: The Fortune Cookie Challenge, the Numbers Challenge, the A to Z Challenge, and the Weekend Challenge. Go grab some prompts and play along!

We had a new long challenge just kicked off last week, and it's one of the comm favourites, Bingo! The rules are here and the cards are here so find yourself a card and get playing! I'm hoping to get some icons made from a bingo card or two myself! ;-)

Thank you to Dreamy for the last long challenge, Three Sentence Fic, which finished last week. Congrats to everyone who participated; you all did very well!

As for Big Buddy, you should be at 66% if you're playing, so let me know how you're doing in a comment here.

Have I covered everything? I hope I haven't missed anything! OH, I know! Flash challenge! Your prompt for this week is: Cabin Fever, which seems highly appropriate for these times! Drop and give me 100 words, for the pleasure of knowing you added words to your count, and that it will make me smile!

There's plenty here to be going on with, anyway, so good luck everyone on having a creative week, no matter whether you're in lockdown or not. And here's to all those essential workers out there, who none of us would be without. *big round of applause*
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