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Weekend Challenge: Food

OK, it's time for this weekend's challenge, and since most of us are at home, I assume, we're probably looking at food a LOT, if I am anything to go by! Not a bad thing, anyway! So I found this list with 80 foods to try - I ticked all the ones I'd eaten and it came to 45, or 56%, which I thought was not too bad. There were a bunch of things I'd never heard of, but anyway, I figured I'd let you guys choose a number or numbers from 1 to 80 and I'd give them to you as prompts (Some are as simple as a fruit or vegetable, but for some you may have to look them up if you haven't heard of them).

Use them however you like, but hopefully they might inspire you to create! Add words to a WIP, make some banners or icons, or begin an entirely new fic; it's up to you! Do more than the equivalent of 200 words (or a couple of icons) before midnight Thursday in your own timezone, and I will happily make you a couple of icons or add words to one of my own WIPs in your honour!

Let's get creative! Comment now with your number/s or just ask for a random prompt! ;-)
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