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Banner rewards from the Rare Pairs Challenge!

At last! You'd think being at home I'd have so much time to do these, but alas, I seem to be less than enthused about creating words and pictures these days. I scheduled myself some time though, and managed to make these! Not sure they're my best effort ever, but I took a decent amount of time over them, so hopefully everyone likes their reward!

First up, we have craterdweller and Dreamy, who both made a good go of the challenge:

And then we had three people complete the challenge: asphaltcowgrrl, cmk418 and fairyniamh. Here are your banners:

You guys all did so well! Thank you for joining in with the challenge!

And don't forget, it's just about the end of the next challenge, 3 Sentence Fics, so get those last words posted before midnight! And a new challenge is about to begin! Next up is BINGO, one of the comm's favourites, so watch out for the posts about that in less than 24 hours! ;-)
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