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DOH! Monday (titles help, eh?)

Well, last week was a week, wasn’t it?  Hoping that you’re all happy and healthy, whether you’re stuck at home or still going to work like I am.  We’re all good here, thankfully.  Being unable to go out on a whim gave me a chance to really up my numbers Saturday (that and the amazing round of Word/Creativity Wars we had!).

Here's to hoping for an excellent week all around.


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: puzzle.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration.

2. Last week’s challenges:

EchelonSequentialIntercalary -   HabituéCacoethesL858TantamountFortune CookieRealpolitik

3. Big Buddy is at 74%!  How are we doing?  I’m ahead for a change, which is a really nice feeling.

asphaltcowgrrl – 11,100
agdhani –    37,000
cmk418 –   3,700
bizarra –     7,400
jennytork –   11,100
flipflop_diva –   7,400
simplyn2deep –  1,850
skargasm – 7,400

April’s post is here, there’s always time to join in!

4. The Daily Count challenge schedule is here so go forth and check when you’re up next!

5. Our current monthly challenge is 3 Sentence Fics!  Lots of excellent prompts and responses have been posted.  Check the tag here for the current prompts.

Anyway, happy Monday everyone!  If you’re still having to head into the office, be safe.  If you’re working from home, remember to take a break so you don’t burn yourself out.  If you’re not working at all because of this mess, hang in there.  We’ll get through this.  Now, let’s be happy and positive.  How are we going to make this into an amazing week?

Oh!  And let's add a fun element to this.  Since we're all either on lockdown or headed that way, tell us a show, movie, book, or craft you love that keeps you busy.  And no, I am not looking to add to the TBR.  *looks toward the south*  
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