cmk418 (cmk418) wrote in 1_million_words,

Weekend Challenge - Within Reach

For this weekend's challenge, I devised a list of 45 of the most prompt-worthy items found on the bookshelves near my desk. (So, yes, it's "get to know me" time, please be gentle.) These items may be a book, a DVD, or a random knickknack, but hopefully they'll be something that inspires your creativity.

If you are in, you can give me a number or numbers between 1 & 45, let me know "random prompt", or a combination of the two (39 and one random) and I'll be happy to prompt you. Give me two hundred words or some art by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 19 and I'll reward you with either a drabble or words to my WIP.

Have fun & happy writing!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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