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Welcome to the March Challenge! 3 Sentence Stories

"March is the month of expectation." - Emily Dickinson

Hi, and welcome to the March Challenge! I hope this month brings you good things, including words and art, or whatever creative endeavor is working for you right now. We're going to do our part, here, to make that happen with our 3 Sentence Challenge.  I'll be posting short prompts - and your challenge is to make a very short fic of them or create some art around them.

The rules are going to be pretty simple, easy and flexible - write three or more three sentence fics during the challenge period, or make three banners or 3 icons inspired by the prompt(s) and you earn a participation banner. Write nine ficlets/create nine graphics or more and you'll get a 'completion' banner.  Write eighteen ficlets or icons/banners you'll get a Master of 3 Sentence Fic banner, plus a few icons or a ficlet from me if you request that as an additonal reward.

Here's the only other thing I'll specify - while I sometimes like to literally write three sentences, I'm also a fan of what I'd call three beat short fics. So maybe some of mine will be five or six sentences, but three beats - 'this happened, that happened, then boom look what that caused!' So as long as your fic is either three sentences or three 'beats' then it qualifies. I'm sure that might drive some people up a wall if they're purists, and my apologies for that- but I'm not too big on hard and fast rules, so..... there you go.

You can post your works on each prompt, in one post at the end of the challenge, on your refrigerator - just let us know at the end @how much you wrote if you don't choose to post here. The challenge runs from now through April 15th at 11:55pm Eastern US.

Let's get started with prompt #1:
A lost treasure - Found

Let me know if I can answer any questions, and good luck!
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