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Word Wars?

I'm trying to decide on a time in the next two days to run word wars. Help me figure out the best time.

Poll #2099463 Word Wars Feb 28-29

What time would you be able to participate in word wars? (Check all that apply)

This evening 8-10pm CST
Saturday morning 7-9am CST
Saturday afternoon 2-4pm CST
Saturday night 7-9am CST
Too busy this weekend, will have to pass

If you've never done a word war before, it's not exactly a competition, it's more a way of being accountable to getting words on a page, so the phrase "word war" is not entirely accurate. All you would need to do is show up on the initial post at the designated time and at the end of each round, leave a comment with your word count- don't be intimidated by it, we all have times where we're either clicking or slogging, but this is about the making of words or art. If you're drawing or knitting and just want to say hi and cheerlead, that's fine too. If you just want to (or are only able to) pop in for a round or two, I'd love to see you.

Thank you.

ETA- At this time, it looks like it's going to be 2-4 CST tomorrow. I'll have a post up in the morning with the schedule. If you're late in seeing this, I hope you'll be able to join us tomorrow afternoon.
Tags: challenge: word race

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