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It's Monday and it's supposed to be me being all organised!

Organised for some things, but not for others! I was busy at work yesterday and Monday nights are for shopping at my house, so here I am at last on my Tuesday! After I posted on my own LJ at work about how boring work was, I suddenly had a bunch of things come at me yesterday, and I need to get onto the rest of that today so haven't too much time to spare here, unfortunately!

However, HAPPY MONDAY to all of you who are still in it! How's your week starting out and what are your big plans for today? This week?

As for me, just getting through the next 31 days of work before my BIG America/Europe trip is my plan! :) Yes, I have just finalised and paid for all the flights, and hotels etc are all booked! I can't believe that after 4 years of thinking about it and one year of planning and TRYING to get things organised, it has finally only just come together in the last few weeks. BUT I AM THERE, and from here on in, it's all about getting through the work days and making sure I have everything for the trip, so I don't expect I'll be getting much writing done (I will post about this soon in my own LJ for those that need to know. Also sorry if I haven't replied to any comments from Friday - I will get back to those!). I do intend to do banners for the Rare Pairs Challenge though, but that's next week's plan.

So what have we had this week at the comm? The usual round of Words each day, weekly challenges, like the Weekend Challenge (still open till Thursday, remember!), Numbers, Letters, Fortune Cookie, Say What Friday, and so on. There was a Word Wars entry last week, and it looks like some of you joined in with that - keep your eyes open for another - or run one yourself! And of course, our long challenge (Rare Pairs) comes to an end on the 29th, so maybe you can get a few last words in on that - there are long prompts every two days till the end, and I have a bunch of one-word prompts should you need them any time! I'm not adding links to any of these today as I'm short on time, but check out the comm tags if you need to reference any of the above!

Have a great week, and let's be creative out there!
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