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Working for the - Weekend Challenge!

I try not to live for the weekend, but....oh, who am I kiddiiiing I totally live for the weekend. ;}  It's time for our weekly challenge, and this go around all you have to do is say 'I'm in!'  (or anything to that effect). In return I'll give you:

- A lyric from a song about work
- A lyric from a song about the weekends
- A set of three random items

Use the prompts however you like- separately, in conjunction, etc. Your creation can be, but does not need to be, about work or the weekend. Wherever you go with it, create some graphics or write 200 words+ by Thursday at 11:59pm Eastern, and I'll happily reward with words on a WIP, a couple of icons you request, or a ficlet of up to 500 words.

Happy (working for the) Weekend!
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