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Awesome Monday on Tuesday!

It's already Tuesday here in NZ! K did tell me I could post on my Monday, but I was really busy at work, and then I had grocery shopping to do at home after work, so it didn't happen, I'm sorry! But as it's a new day today, I am here and raring to go!

It's been hot and humid in Auckland since February hit, so sleeping is not easy, and I feel like I didn't get my best in last night - in fact I even dreamed it was hot and sticky and that my sister turned the light on in the middle of the night, which made me annoyed (I always leave the lights off if I wake in the night as I think it's easier to get back to sleep if you haven't fooled your body into thinking it's daylight already!) - but hopefully I will make it through this Tuesday without falling asleep at my desk in the air-conditioned office! It's probably just this side of too cool for me to do that, but you never know!

How is your Monday shaping up, if that's where you are? I hope your week is looking good so far! I have Thursday off work for our national holiday, Waitangi Day, so I am very pleased about having a short week! As it's a Thursday, a lot of people have taken Friday off work here, so that means the office will be lovely and quiet on Friday too - yay! Maybe I'll get some more good words in this week - last week I managed to start the Rare Pairs sequel to the story I currently have at beta, so I'm hopeful...

Please check the usual tags for last week's Word of the Day, A-Z, Numbers, Weekend Challenge, Say What Friday, Fortune Cookie and anything else that popped up! I'd link them in but I've been having issues getting LJ to load pages at the moment, so I don't want this to take any longer than it already has.

Don't forget your Big Buddy Words either - how are you doing? You should be at 10% by now! And the other thing we have on the go is the Rare Pairs challenge, which ends on the 29th of this month. How are you doing with it? Check the tag for that to find the prompts that I've added every couple of days, and if you need any one word prompts I have a bunch of them available too!

Now, let's be creative out there!
Tags: challenge: big buddy, challenge: rare pairs, monday: accolades, weekly round-up: challenges
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