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Word of the Day 02/02/20 Snarf

Snarf (verb)
snarf [ snahrf ]

verb (used with object) Slang.
1. to eat quickly and voraciously; scarf (often followed by down or up).

Examples on the Web
Friday’s numbers blew last year’s second Friday away with 209,789 turning out to snarf cheese curds and ride The Giant Slide.
— Deanna Weniger, Twin Cities, "Minnesota State Fair breaks another attendance record," 31 Aug. 2019

About 16% of the kids held out for just 30 seconds or less before snarfing the treat, and about 38% held out for 10 minutes.
— Melissa Healy,, "The surprising thing the 'marshmallow test' reveals about kids in an instant-gratification world," 26 June 2018

Under the hood is the same fuel-snarfing 381-horsepower V-8 engine.
— Robert Duffer,, "2018 Toyota Sequoia review: What’s old is not new," 19 Mar. 2018

Right now, his customers tend to snarf their pizza while standing at his counter or take pies to go, risking major laundry issues or worse.
— Michael Klein,, "At Pizzeria Beddia, they wait for hours in line for the final* pies," 30 Mar. 2018

For the past couple of weeks, Burger Battle judges have been snarfing their way through round one, trying out a collective 32 burgers across Tarrant, Johnson and Parker counties.
— star-telegram, "Round 1 is in the books, Burger Battle fans. Here are the patties that prevailed," 14 Sep. 2017

Had a great time there, drinking a few of the 100-plus beers on tap and snarfing down an excellent sausage.
— Peter Rowe,, "A toast to Coronado and Mike Hess breweries, celebrating anniversaries Saturday," 28 July 2017

Rank-and-file members of the CIA and the NSA morphed in the popular imagination from metadata-snarfing desk jockeys to brave sleeper agents of the Deep State, bent on sinking the president’s leaky ship.
— Simon Van Zuylen-wood, Daily Intelligencer, "The Man Who Made Liberals Newly Enamored of the Deep State," 11 July 2017

There are the requisite partyers snarfing coke up their nostrils (and other orifices).
— James Poniewozik, New York Times, "Review: FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Dramatizes an Origin Story for Crack Cocaine," 3 July 2017

Origin: circa 1963, in the meaning defined above

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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