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It's a Monday kind of Monday

Can I just tell you that the song that came up in my car this morning when I asked Alexa to shuffle my Drive playlist for my commute was... Dolly Parton's 9 to 5. And when I tell you that there has been no getting ahead today, I mean it.

So that's your prompt for the flash challenge. Give me either something from the movie or the song 9 to 5, or give me something from a song that is very A Propos for your day!

While we are not coming up on the end of our not-so-monthly challenge, we are coming up on the end of our month. GO GET YOUR NUMBERS POSTED!!!

And I will work on getting the prep posts for next month posted.

BIG BUDDY - Is at 87%. Are you at 87%????

Now - Go check out some prompts you may have missed last week:
Word of the day
Rair pair prompts
Weekend Challenge
Say What
A to Z
Fortune Cookie

So what are your big plans for the week that is feeling SO UNDERWAY? *headdesk*
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