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Weekend Challenge: Weather with You

OK! So I am a bit late to post because reasons *shifty eyes*, and although I have used a Crowded House song in the title, it is not on the list I am supplying today...

Your choices today are songs about:


Anyhoo, I have chosen 20 songs each for the three subjects, so if you would like to play, give me your choice of sun, rain or wind (or even all three!) and number/s between 1 and 20, and I will give you the title and artist for a prompt. How you use it is up to you - take the title for what it says, go google the lyrics and use something from there, or just use the song itself to inspire you; all of these are acceptable, as is any other way you are inspired from the prompt/s I give you!

Write more than 500 words or 5 icons or 2 banners or 1 wallpaper (or any equivalent combination thereof) by Thursday midnight in your local time, link us if you feel so inclined, and I will add 100 or more words to one of my many remaining WIPs, or even possibly start that Rare Pairs fic that needs to be done!

Come on down and play! ;-)
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