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Word Counter 2020

Here we go again - it's well into Jan and I still haven't updated the counters, so more than time I got them up. Last year I had trouble updating the ticker factory counters, so I'm trying something a little simpler this year. Let's see if it works!

Please start an original comment thread below using the following text box:

We ask that in this post, you do not comment on anyone else’s comment. LJ will only let us update comments if they have no response. If you are not a current LJ user or cannot update your own information, then leave the updated information as a comment to your own comment, or contact one of the maintainers.

Count what you will. In previous years we used the theory that if you had made it available for someone else to read, such as posting a fic, submitting an assignment or sending a letter, then it was countable, but be guided by what feels like the right thing for YOU. We will not judge you or mark you down for something that may not fit this criteria.

Feel free to link your writings here, if that is what you've done in the past, but this is not essential. If you do want to do this, please do it ABOVE the list of months, so that they stay together at the bottom of your comment. Thank you!

Update your numbers when it's convenient, whether this is the end of the month or partway through. For example, If you put '100' on Jan 14th and then go back on the 31st and update this to the month's complete total '300' (Being the 100 from the 14th, plus another 200 since), that's perfectly okay.

We will be adding the last number we see after the last day of each month into a schedule that can be updated and added to consistently, which will hopefully mean we will catch any updates on each person's count without confusion.

Good luck, everyone!

Some handy tools:
word count tool for documents
simple word count tracker
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