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2020 Long Challenge #1: Rare Pairs

I'm excited to be bringing you this year's first longer challenge! We have changed from monthly challenges to a period of approximately six weeks for each of these, apart from December which will be chock full of goodies, as per our last mod post! In any case, let me kick off Challenge #1 NOW!

It's time for Rare Pairs, so I hope this will bring forth your creativity with a pairing that perhaps isn't your usual, but has somehow taken hold of you! And friendship is just as good as romance for this one! Challenge #1 will run for the following period:

Jan 15th to Feb 29th.

Rare Pairs Rules

1) A Rare Pair means that the pairing is new OR rare to YOU. If it's a canon/popular pairing in a fandom but you've never written it, or if you haven't created any (or more than a few) items for that pair in the past, your rare pair qualifies.

2) Cross-overs with other fandoms are allowed and encouraged.

3) The Rare Pair does not have to be a romantic pairing. Friendship pairing works too.

4) Please make fics around 1,000 words in total for the month, or 3 banners/10 icons for the month (in any combination of multiple or single contributions). It doesn't have to be over that number; if you're a little under, that's no problem, as long as it's worked on during the weeks of the challenge.

5) Creations should be worked on during the period Jan 15th to Feb 29th for rewards, which will be a completion banner for anything completed and posted, and a participation banner if you took part but didn't manage to finish and/or post all of your item/s.

I'll be posting prompts regularly (I'll post longer ones every second day, plus I have some short prompts that you can ask for at any time) throughout the weeks of the challenge, so if you're running on empty with ideas, hopefully some of those will kick you off! I'll also use the prompt posts to check how you're doing and allow you to ask for help or advice if you need it.

The first longer prompt will be up tomorrow, but if you'd like one or more of the short prompts which are mostly one word (with a few 2 or 3 word prompts), then give me numbers between 1 and 150 and I'll give you something!

If you feel so inclined, comment now to let me know if you're playing and which rare pair/s you'll be taking on (if you've decided)! ;-)
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