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2020 'Monthly' Challenges Organisation!

Hey everyone, K and I have been talking about how to deal with our 'monthly' challenges this year, since they have always been popular, but sometimes we struggle to get things completed in the month, and have come up with the idea of taking the most popular (as per the poll I ran) challenges and expanding things a little so we have them running for about six weeks each instead of just a month. We may look at using the first week (or so?) as lead-in, and actual kick off may be a few days after that, if necessary, depending on the challenge itself and the people running it.

K was keen to keep things pretty full on for the last month of the year, and I agreed that it can seem busy but it does tend to provide us with a last minute burst of activity, so December will be the exception, and be full of all sorts as you'll see in the list below!

The list shows how the dates will work - which is as simple as possible given that months are easy to remember, but dates that keep changing are not - and we have put things in where we think they fit, but we need your input here, so apart from the Nano and Christmas stuff, everything else is tentative at this point, so that if people want to run (or help with) a challenge listed, but can't do it when we've suggested, we can swap things around as needed.

[Edit: names attached to a couple of the challenges - please don't be afraid to put up your hand! Could use a few more people to run a couple more challenges - underlined ones need volunteers!]

Bingo was TWICE as popular as any other challenge, so we'll run two of those, and everything else listed came up as over 10 on the vote, so these are the ones we'll run with this year:

Jan 15th to Feb 29th - Rare Pairs (Haldoor)

Mar 1st to April 15th - Three Sentence Fic (Dreamy)

April 16th to May 30th - Bingo (Angel, with other helpers available - see comments) & Crossovers (Haldoor & Kit), including a special crossover bingo or two

June 1st to July 15th - 5 + 1 (Diva)

July 16th to Aug 30th - Pool Party (Kaige)

Sept 1st to Oct 15 - Drabble/Icon (Angel)

Oct 16 to Nov 30th - Bingo (Haldoor & Crater) & NANO (Agdhani)

December - SOJ (Kaige), 100 in 100 (Kaige), Advent (Haldoor), 2 days of WIPness (Kaige)

Now, my lovelies, WE WANT YOU to let us know if you can run any of the challenges! What do you want to help with? Oh, and if there's anything NOT on here that YOU would be happy running, maybe we can run two challenges concurrently, if there's interest, or just as a shorter challenge if that works.

Comment away in the next few days, and we'll get the first challenge underway come the 15th! ;-)

[Update 14/01/20: Only the Bingo from April 16th to May 30 needs someone to run it, and I can always help too, so let me know if anyone feels so inclined!]
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