Stevia Flunt (asphaltcowgrrl) wrote in 1_million_words,
Stevia Flunt

Happy Last Monday of 2019!

Wow, survived another year, if only barely!  So much has happened in my life this past year and despite how rough a lot of it has been, I'm grateful for it all.

That said, how are your numbers looking so far this month?  There's still a teeny bit of time left to squeeze in a few more if you need to up your count.  I'm pretty close to hitting my monthly goal, I think I can do it.  If you're struggling, there are a ton of fun things going on right now.

agdhani is hosting the 100-in-100 until the end of the year.  100 words when you see the prompts is all that's asked, no matter when you see them.  They're a blast to play around with and you can find them here.

kaige68 is finising up the 12 Days of WIPness but you're welcome to head back to the beginning and work through that, too!  You can find the posts here.

In addition to all that fun stuff, we have our usual numbers challenge, A to Z challenge, and the word of the day to give you some inspiration should you need it.

Big Buddy is pretty much 100%!  The link to January's sign up is here!

The sign up for January's Daily Count Challenge is still open (I think...) and you can find that here.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something, so feel free to cyber smack me upside the back of my head.  Let's send the year out in style!  Who's with me?

Wait... I forgot something.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  An Nou Fericit!  ¡Feliz año nuevo!  Frohes neues Jahr! 
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