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...and it's Wednesday!

In lieu of this week's Monday post, which I'll admit was supposed to be me, I am posting on Wednesday morning here in the warming-up-for-summer-already country of New Zealand! That officially makes me hopeless, but in my defense, it's been a crazy week already.

So, as I'm at the orifice and don't have more than a couple of spare mins, I will just remind you all to check out all the tags for our usual weekly happenings, and if you're interested in the excellent Nano posts the wonderful agdhani has been making, check the 'challenge: nano' tag! HEAPS of useful stuff there! (Thanks, T! You're brilliant!).

Hope your Big Buddy numbers are on track if you're indulging this month; let us know here! You should be on 90% by my calculations.

I will only add a flash challenge, and then leave it to you to let me know how awesome the rest of your week will be! Mine's going to be about getting Christmas cards posted as our closing date for overseas mail is Dec 2nd, gulp! ;-)

Write what you will for the pleasure of knowing you made more words!

Have a great week, everyone, or what's left of it! ;-)
Tags: challenge: flash!, monday: accolades

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