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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 25--Active Verbs & Adverbs

Day 25 Word Count Target: 41,675
Last Monday of the month! How's everyone doing on those word counts?

Verbs and Action. The driving force of most written scenes, whether your characters are thinking, speaking, or doing. This requires SO many different action words that we're often at a loss for new ones...or just the right one.

Here are some examples. Hardly all inclusive given the breadth of the English language, but hopefully of some use when you're looking for just the right word.

25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_01.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_02.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_03.jpg

25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_04.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_05.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_06.jpg

25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_07.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_08.jpg 25 Active-Verbs-List_Page_09.jpg

And lets not forget some adverbs :)

25 adverbs.jpg
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