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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 22--Downhill Inspiration

Day 22 Word Count Target: 36,674

One full week left...with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and family interruptions thundering down upon us. Hopefully, the muses have been kind and you won't have to spend your holidays stressing about your word count. And if you're not quite where you should be, there's still time to catch up on those words.

22 quote 4.jpg

For this weeks channel, I give you Guild of Ambience, which offers from rainforests to market streets to medieval taverns. Great for both writing and roleplaying, as they can get you into the setting of your story as if you're right there in the scene. Most files are at least an hour in length too, to help keep you in the scene as you lay down those words.

I'm using this one, as its the closest to my setting.
Tags: challenge: nano!

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