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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 12--Physical Details

Day 12 Word Count Target: 20,004

Today's offering is a collection of graphics depicting things like eye color and shape, hairstyles, hair color, and facial hair. Sometimes finding the name for a particular color or style or what I have in mind can bog down the word flow, so having resources on hand is always welcome. Of course, hairstyle, in particular, is highly influenced by the culture's fashion sense and time period, so you might have to research those particulars if you are writing in a real-world era, country, etc.

12 eye color chart 1.jpg

12 eye color chart 2.jpg

12 eye color chart 3.jpg

12 eye color chart 4.jpg

12 eye shapes.jpg


12 hair colors.jpg

12 pravana-red-hair-color-3.jpg

12 hair 2.png

12 hair.png

12 mens hair.jpg

12 facial hair.jpg

12 Eyebrow-Shapes1.png

What do you use for style references and names of styles, colors, and fashion? Do you have a favorite reference guide for particular eras or countries or cultures?
Tags: challenge: nano!

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