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Lady Tamara

NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 9--Character Creation

Day 9 Word Count Target: 15,003

By now, of course, we should all have our characters on paper...but perhaps you're stuck on your MC's best friend? Or you're not feeling your character's are fleshed out enough and you just don't 'know' them. Or maybe you non-NaNo folks are starting a new project and need some resources to bring your characters to life.

We'll tackle some character issues this week, starting with a collection someone sent to me...probably gleaned from tumbr. The lists aren't all-inclusive, but might inspire your imagination to flesh out your budding MC

09 good_character_traits.jpg

09 character_motivation.jpg

09 character_hobbys.jpg

09 character_flaws.jpg

09 character_fears.jpg

09 common_character.jpg

What do you struggle with most when creating characters?
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