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WOOT! October stats at last!

Hey everyone! I know I'm a bit late in updating with October stats, but hopefully that's given you extra time to update your figures!

We've hit 3.9 million words! That 4 mill is just a tiny bit away now!

Image word: 1,745 x 1,000. This is up by 123 new images this month! Fantastic!

Written word: 2,176,725. This is up by a wonderful 136,035!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2019: 3,921,725

This month we have Nano, so check out all the helpful stuff agdhani is posting, and even if you're not doing Nano, maybe they'll still be helpful! Otherwise, you can always check out previous month's prompts, or dig into those words of the day, the letters and numbers K gives us, and how about those cool Weekend Challenges? And don't forget the Swap of Joy! Keep bringing the words!

Let's be creative out there!!! ;-)
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