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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 3--Building a Believable World

Day 3 Word Count Target: 5001

Some of us prefer to write in the 'real-world' places we know, time periods familiar to us, or in fan-fiction settings where the rules (or most of them) have been laid out for us by someone else. But there is something satisfying and 'god-like' in creating a fictitious world for our characters to play in. Where would we be without the world-building efforts of Tolkein or Roddenberry and Martin? Doing so believably, making the world 'real' for the readers, is both a source of frustration and joy.

I thrive on world-building. I love it. Invariably, no matter how much thought goes into the process, niggling details pop up during writing that I did not anticipate in the planning stages (like...really...what does my MC do for a bathroom in a Viking-like community...can't he just hold it until the end of the story? lol)

Here are just a few things to consider when building a sandbox for your playthings:

03 world building.jpg

03 world building to consider 4.jpg

03 world building to consider 1.png

03 world building to consider 2.png

03 world building to consider 3.png

Do you have any favorite world-building resources? What do you like most or hate the most about the process? What details do you tend to forget?
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