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NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 1--Where to Begin?

Day 1 Word Count Target: 1667

Fridays posts will typically contain a writing-related quote, musical inspiration, and anything else I think might be helpful to add in. Since this is both Day 1 and a Friday...we're here with a double whammy.

01 quote 1.jpg

This YouTube Channel features a variety of sets of a 'coffeehouse' variety, some culturally tuned, some jazzy...take your pick. Great background music for those who like to write in a cafe setting without needing to leave your home ;) Here's an example:

Since we're jumping in at the beginning, as we prepare to tackle those first words on the page, today's topic is Starting Point. Whether you're a writer who likes to jump into the action with your first sentence or begin with a dream sequence, we all look for just the right way to begin. I know some dislike stories that begin with a dream or a prologue, while others love them. I don't think there's any 'wrong' way to long as the goal of hooking your audience is met. Do you agree?

01 What-makes-a-good-story-great-Now-Novel.png

01 starting point.jpg

01 prologue.png

01 flashbacks.png

How do you like to begin? What do you find most difficult to do? Do you prefer 1st Person narrative, 3rd Person, or something else?
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