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Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2019: Day 0

Apologies that the previous entry was dorked...LJ hates me ;)

Are you all ready for this?

This month I bring to you a collection of writing tidbits I've collected from around the internet that I've found helpful and inspiring, on topics ranging from world-building, to character creation, to the nuts and bolts of writing. While those jumping into NaNo probably already have a vague plan at least, we all know when those pesky questions pop up throughout the month (Is this culture believable? What do I name the antagonist? How can I avoid using SAID over and over?) My hope is that some of these resources and charts will help with those questions along the way and might even spark ideas for your WIPs.

Not participating in NaNo? That's okay? These resources aren't NaNo-specific so should help any number of other writing projects too.

Join in the fun, throw out your questions or us to other resources you use that we my benefit from, toss in those brainstorming requests for help on sticky, pestering questions you're hung up on...whatever you need. Let's make this a wordtastic November and get those words out before the holiday season overwhelms us...

And let's get those wins!

Happy NaNo-mas...and Happy Halloween!
(and let us hope the LJ gods don't screw up my pre-arranged posts! ;) )
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