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Got a line bingo on the top 3x3 Kink card-

For the prompt "face-fucking" - OZ - The Cure-All - 748 words - R - Beecher's in a mood, Keller has a way to get him out of his head.

For the prompt "auctioned to another" - Hockey RPF - Best Laid Plans - 2830 words - Teen - An Islanders charity event brings out some unusual participants and unexpected results. (Extremely loose interpretation of the prompt)

For the prompt "blood" - Prodigal Son - 2 fics - 1238 words - "Bright" (rated G) involves a conversation between Malcolm & his mother. "Co-Workers" (rated R) showcases Malcolm's relationship with different members of his team in 3 short scenes.

Thanks for hosting this! It was fun.
Tags: challenge: bingo

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