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a geek in such the wrong way

A little something for kitmerlot1213

So it became evident that someone got missed in last year's joy (no blame; no shame!) so K asked me if I could do something graphic for our dear Kit. Under the cut is what I came up with, and I hope it is something to make you smile, Kit!

Firstly, picspammy goodness featuring three of your (and my!) faves from The Flash (Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon for those of you who don't know these characters):

Then there's this bunch of things others have put together or made:

Here are their Star Lab name badges:

And I could not resist this Lego version of them (includes Harrison Wells):

And finally, a few icons I made of the three of them for you:

I hope that's given you at least a couple of warm and fuzzies, my dear! This year, we will ensure no-one gets forgotten!!!
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