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It's a bit spur of the moment because I forgot this was coming up but...

I have 4 categories of dialogue with 20 prompts each. Angst, Fluff, Soulmates, and Friendship Specifically (borrowed from Tumblr).

Pick a category (or any combination thereof) and a number between 1 and 20 for each category and I'll give you the matching prompt. Use them in any way you see fit, even turning a prompt from one category into something more befitting another. That is entirely up to you.

In exchange for 200 words or more (or 2 icons or 1 banner) completed by Thursday at midnight, I can offer icons or words to my wip...and my undying gratitude ;)

Let's get some folks talking...and maybe even spark a NaNo idea for those participating!

Also don't forget, with the NaNo Site resdesign, previous Buddies have been if any of you want to be buddies, post your usernames and we'll see if we can't gang up there :)
Tags: challenge: nano!, weekend: challenge

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