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Claim your JOY!!!

Below the cut are the Joy lists of gifts people would like to receive. There are no names listed here, and we'll keep the comments here screened as well.

Remember if you listed a Joy, you need to claim one! And too, while there are some Joys that will be securely within your wheelhouse, consider doing something that will stretch you a bit as an artist.

We ask that when you comment to make your claim you list out three of them. We'd like you to rank them in order of your preferences. You are more than welcome to list more than three if you so choose.

Claims are filled on a first come/first serve basis. We will do our best to strike through a Joy list once it has been claimed, but we don't promise super-speed.

You will be contacted via PM as to which Joy you got. If you are not PM enabled, please leave an e-mail address where we can reach you (again, comments are screened).

Joy 1
Fandom/Character/Pairings: H50 (Steve/Danny, Steve/Chin, Steve/Adam, or gen team); Lost (anything with Sawyer is good but especially Sawyer/Sayid, Sawyer/Boone or Jack/Sawyer/Sayid, or Jack/Boone), Torchwood (Jack/Ianto, or gen team), Game of Thrones (anything gen), ST-AOS (McCoy/Chekov, Chekov/Sulu, or gen team), The Flash and/or Arrow (bearing in mind I am NOT up-to-date, so anything general team-related and not series-specific is best, especially Oliver/Felicity, Barry/Cisco, Barry/Iris, or just interactions between the Flash team and the Arrow team, especially if humorous. BTW, Felicity is AWESOME). More recent fandoms I have not read/written in but would be of interest: The Expanse, ST-Discovery, Poldark, The Good Place,
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Mainly slash, but gen and the odd bit of het romance is OK (see above)
Preferences/Kinks: I'm a bit off NC-17 full-on descriptive porn these days, surprisingly! (LOL), but I am a sucker for first kisses, first (not too graphic) times, road trips, humour, and the ol' standard h/c.
Dislikes/Squicks: No mpreg, kid-fic, or anything too fluffy
Highest rating: shall we say a hard M?
Canon you don’t want: Don't match Sawyer up with Kate, for God's sake.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: road trips, holidays somewhere you might not expect, Christmas in summer, alone together at last, late at night when everyone else is asleep
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): icons are always welcome, in any of the above fandoms/cute animals/humorous sayings/sunsets/sunrises/travel

Joy 2
Fandom/Character/Pairings: MCU: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange, Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, and Tony Stark/Bruce Banner; NCIS: Jethro Gibbs/Donald Mallard; SGA: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Evan Lorne/David Parrish, Evan Lorne/Rodney McKay; CSI: Miami/Star Trek Enterprise: Horatio Caine/Charles "Trip" Thomsa Tucker III
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Slash
Preferences/Kinks: first kiss, sex hangover, almost died let's have sex, cuddling or snuggling after sex
Dislikes/Squicks: nonconsensual sex, ABO
Highest rating: NC17
Canon you don’t want: MCU: Tony and Pepper Potts dating
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Whatever tickles the giver's heart.
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): A bag of buckwheat flour, winter, icons featuring favorite quotes, and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep

Joy 3
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Eureka - Jack Carter/Nathan Stark, Jack Carter/Allison Blake, Jack Carter/Allison Blake/Nathan Stark, Zane Donovan/Jo Lupo * Haven - Nathan Wuornos/Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos/Duke Crocker, Nathan Wuornos/Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker * Lucifer - Lucifer Morningstar/Chloe Decker, Lucifer Morningstar/Marcus Pierce, Lucifer Morningstar/Chloe Decker/Marcus Pierce *
Supernatural - Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, John Winchester/Jo Harvelle * Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel(us)/Buffy Summers, Riley Finn/Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers, Angel(us)/Buffy Summers/Riley Finn * Charmed - Cole Turner/Phoebe Halliwell * Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Nicholas Scratch/Sabrina Spellman * Star Trek: The Original Series (1960's version only) - James T. Kirk/Spock * X-Men(the first two orginal movies only) - Wolverine(Logan)/Rogue(Marie) * Crossover Pairings:
(1960's Star Trek)James T. Kirk/Buffy Summers(BtVS) * (Supernatural)John Winchester/Buffy Summers(BtVS) * (Stargate Atlantis)Ronon Dex/Buffy Summers(BtVS)

Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Het, Slash
Preferences/Kinks: Fluff, First Time, First Kiss, First I love you, Casefic, Aliens/Sex Pollen/Etc..whatever mad them do it. Daddy Kink (as in the yes daddy version nothing to do with actual age), Biting/Claiming/Marking, Soulmates, Happily Ever After, Orgasm denial, Dom/Sub
Dislikes/Squicks: Mpreg, Bodily Functions, Any kind of Au (like high school, coffee shop, etc I don't want), Death, femslash, cheating. Nothing sad.
Highest rating: As high as you'd like to go
Canon you don’t want: Nathan Stark doesn't die, Benny Lafitte doesn't die, John Winchester doesn't die, Cole Turner doesn't die, Duke Crocker doesn't die, Marcus Pierce doesn't die. If BtVS absolutely no Faith or the Trio even in passing.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: I'm going to love whatever you come up with. (Thank you so much!)
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): icons, wallpapers, banners of any of the guys or pairings listed would be great! I also adore Cary Grant (movie days), Ooh and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda days)

Joy 4
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Pairings- Destiel, McDanno, Marvey. Fandom - a 15th anniversary LOST fic, maybe?
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Like the old song says, Anything Goes
Preferences/Kinks: I'd love it if you'd slash 'em up. Or for LOST either slash or genfic is fine, whatever inspiration hits!
Dislikes/Squicks: Not a big fan of high school AUs or extreme fluff.
Highest rating: Any rating is fine.
Canon you don’t want: What is this canon thing you speak of?
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: I like miscommunication fic and angst with a happy ending. I like travel fic, and 'Five Times' fic. I adore 'He runs into him in a bar after years apart.' Happy ending fine but not required.
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): Maybe write me a playlist of songs to write to - I like moody stuff to write to and can always use suggestions for things to add to my spotify list. If you go with this, maybe write me drabbles based on two or three of the (however many) songs you suggest! Examples of stuff currently in my writing queue range from the Cure, Oasis and The Verve to The Clientele and Mazzy Star.

Joy 5
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Game of Thrones Jon Snow/Sansa Stark romance or friendship, Sansa and Arya Stark sisterly bond, the Stark family being awesome
Elementary: Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes, best friends and partners, Sherlock Holmes/Jamie Moriarty romance, Kitty Winters, being awesome * Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker/Michelle Jones romance or friendship, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones friendship, Peter Parker and Tony Stark friendship (Irondad and Spiderson), May Parker being awesome * Supergirl: Kara and Alex Danvers, being awesome sisters, Kara and Lena Luthor, being best friends * The Flash: Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, being best friends, the West-Allen family being adorable, Team Flash bonding time
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: I’m fine with it all
Preferences/Kinks: I love angst with a happy ending, fluffy romance, mystery and/or action adventure stories, friendships that evolve into romance
Dislikes/Squicks: I do not want any rape, incest or dub-con stories
Highest rating: I am good with G to R ratings
Canon you don’t want: No GoT Jon/Daenerys romance, no Peter Parker/Tony Stark romance
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: People baking cookies together, decorating the Christmas tree, snowball fights, holiday dinners where true feelings are revealed
Non-fandom things you might like: People realizing how fortunate they are to have their friends/families with them, helping people who are having a tough time around the holidays—I’m happy with pretending holiday time is a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Joy 6
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Preacher – Jesse/Cassidy; The Boys – Gen or any slash pairing; Marvel – Gen any chars, slash Winterhawk or Steve/Clint or Steve/Bucky or Steve/Clint/Bucky; Supernatural – Gen or slash Destiel; Original fic.
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen or slash
Preferences/Kinks: Slow build, schmoop, case fics, AU, first time, preslash, happy ending, competency kink
Dislikes/Squicks: Kid fic, de-aged characters, Mpreg, genderbend, watersports/scat, BDSM, non-con as a major plot point
Highest rating: Explicit
Canon you don’t want: It’s all good.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: AU, even gen AU. Casefic. Grief fic if death is canon. I’m happy to throw out scenarios strange or specific like First-class flight attendant and Kosher salt international salesperson.
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): Wallpaper , icons, it’s all good!

Joy 7
Fandom/Character/Pairings: The Last Czars: Alexandra, Nikolai, Olga, Tatiana, Maria; Alexandra/Nikolai <3333 * The Worst Witch 2017: Hecate Hardbroom, Ada Cackle; Hecate/Ada * The Addams Family 1964: Morticia Addams, Gomez Addams, Morticia/Gomez * Cracks: Miss G, Di Radfield; Di/Miss G
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen, Het, Femslash
Preferences/Kinks: Angst, dark-ish romance, lots of love/affection/adoration and very strong bonds connecting my respective ship characters, maybe psychological horror?
Dislikes/Squicks: Very graphic and extreme torture, PWP (or general focus on smut), heavy kinks
Highest rating: Any, but preferably up to R
Canon you don’t want: -
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: I'm generally super fond of intense character studies, perhaps a character's thoughts on certain situations, their deepest emotions, all the angsty thoughts... But tbh, any kind of angsty, dark-ish scenario is great! Go wild! Or give the Romanovs a happy end, that would be amazing. BRB, sobbing.
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): BALLET. ♥ Anything ballet, particularly Igor Zelensky, Lauren Cuthbertson, Natalia Osipova if you're looking for people inspiration <333. Oh, and the real Romanovs, not the Last Czars Romanovs! So fascinated by them, especially by Nikolai and Alix and their love. ♥

Joy 8
Fandom/Character/Pairings: H50: Steve/Danny and/or Tani/Junior. Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles, FBI: team stuff, Evil: team stuff, Prodigal Son: team stuff
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: H50: slash, het or gen. TW: slash
Preferences/Kinks: no kinks
Dislikes/Squicks: non-con, dub-con, watersports, scat
Highest rating: R
Canon you don’t want: H50: Steve/Catherine or Steve/Lynn, Danny/Gabby or Danny/Amber(Melissa). TW: no Kate or Braeden or Derek with them. No Malia or Stiles with him, no Lydia/Stiles
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: H50: domestic fluff, kid-fics, RESTAURANT AUs, TW: Fluff, all human au, sterek as mates, domestic, kidfic, FBI AU, deputy AU, all the AUs, Alpha Derek, Stiles apart of Hale pack
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): short story scene/ideas, scene ideas for sequel to my McDanno restaurant AU, wallpapers/icons/banners of Hawaiian locations or of plumeria flowers

Joy 9
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Supernatural, Doctor Who
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen
Preferences/Kinks: temporary disability fics, competent characters, brotherly love and caring
Dislikes/Squicks: slash, romantic love of any kind, sex of any kind, character death
Highest rating: PG-13
Canon you don’t want: No romance, for Doctor Who no Rose, for SPN nothing past season 5
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: fix-it fics.
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): I like classic rock music, and have very little icons with the Who and the Monkees.

Joy 10
Fandom/Character/Pairings: I've listed below my favorite characters/ships, but feel free to include any character you want as long as one of the ones I've mentioned is the main character(s)! MCU: Natasha, Steve, Steve/Nat(/Sam), Nat/Any female, team fic (original or post-AoU), Nat&Clint (bffs, not romantic), Gamora/Quill, Shuri being awesome, Scott/Hope, Carol, Carol/Maria * Harry Potter: Harry, Hermione, Pansy, Neville, Hannah, Luna, Katie (any femslash or het combo) * Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy, Rosa, Gina, Jake for shipping (any combo). Anyone at all for gen! * The Good Place: Literally any femmeslash or het pairing is amazing! I can't choose. I love them all! * Supergirl: Kara, Alex, Lena, Samantha, Imra (any combo except Kara/Alex) * Batwoman: Kate, Alice | Beth, Mary, Katie/Sophie * Star Wars Sequel Trilogy:: Rey, Finn, Poe, Kaydel, Rose, Amilyn, Kylo Ren (any het or femslash combo). For gen, any of the above plus Luke and Leia * Salvation: Grace/Darius * Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Sabrina, Ambrose, Prudence, Sabrina/Prudence * The Orville: Kelly, Talla, Alara (or any combo of them), Kelly/Ed * And if anyone knows the Untitled Goose Game, I would totally read a crossover of Goose with anyone in any of these fandoms!
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen, Het and Femslash
Preferences/Kinks: I love angst. I love smut (kinky or non). I love sweet. I love first times (for anything) and missing moments and twists on canon. I also love character studies, snark and banter, badass females, vulnerable!Natasha and team fic. And finally, crossovers and fusions are awesome!
Dislikes/Squicks: Over-the-top fluff, mpreg, mundane AUs (canon divergent AUs are awesome, just not high school AUs or coffee shop AUs, etc.)
Highest rating: There is nothing too high :)
Canon you don’t want: Harry Potter epilogue. Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny or Nat/Bruce (past references are fine). Natasha not alive.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Holiday fic with someone being sad/lonely/sick/miserable and the other person surprising them. Other ideas: road trips, apocalypse, unrequited love, drinking the holidays away, sneaking away during a party to have sex, Christmas shenanigans, trapped in a cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, holidays gone wrong

Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): Tropical drinks, yummy desserts, Hawaii, cute animals, anything Hufflepuff, Texas Longhorns football, anything Disney, black & white images.

Joy 11
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Live Free or Die Hard (John/Matt); True Blood (Eric/Sookie); The Walking Dead (Daryl/Glenn or Daryl/Beth); Once Upon a Time (Rumplestiltskin/Belle)
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: anything but femslash is good for me
Preferences/Kinks: fluff, paranormal, banter, but I'll be happy with anything
Dislikes/Squicks: kids, noncon/dubcon, daddykink
Highest rating: anything you like
Canon you don’t want: n/a
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: i am open to whatever you would like to write
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): animal icons (cats, dogs, pigs); recs for interesting bullet journal pages or writing journal pages; book recs (paranormal, horror, humour)
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