a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

So much for Monday...

Yeah, it was my turn to post for Monday, and what did I do? I completely forgot. Ah well, it's Wednesday here in NZ now, so how about I post anyway? I don't really have time to put up all the reminders for last week, so check the tags if you want to see what you missed! Don't forget there are some great Bingo cards up and also some cards for graphic inspiration in Inktober!

How are you doing with your Big Buddy? We're at about 48% for the current challenge, so check your numbers and tell me how you're doing, or let me know if you need help with encouragement to get those words in!

Otherwise, how are you planning to be fabulous for the rest of this week? For me, actually knuckling down and doing some work at the orifice would be great! And I hope to finish knitting my latest snood by the weekend - should be doable! Finally, if I can find time to make the Comment Fic reward banners, I will be VERY pleased, and should time allow, maybe I'll attempt some Inktober icons!
Tags: challenge: big buddy, challenge: bingo, challenge: inktober, monday: accolades

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