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Weekend Challenge - Song Snippets

Happy Weekend! Time to relax (or not) and play a little. I get plenty of time with my two youngest nephews this weekend, the youngest of which is 5 and quite the storyteller, so I may get a bit of inspiration from him as we're building castles and playing with dinosaurs.

For your challenge, I've taken a phrase or line from 50 songs on my "women artists" playlist (you're welcome to judge my musical taste or lack thereof). Use all or part of it and/or the song title as your prompt.

So if you're in, give me a number from 1 to 50. Choose as many numbers as you like. If you respond with a 200-word drabble or a bit of art by Thursday, October 17, I will write a drabble of your choosing in one of these fandoms or add words to my WIP.

Have a great time and happy writing!
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