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October Challenges coming up: Weigh-in on Bingo and Inktober!

Hi, all - hope you’re enjoying September and the comment fic challenge! There is still a lot of time to participate if you haven’t yet - but we also want to get ready for October.

Next month it’s all about two challenges, starting with Bingo! Yep, bingo is back and card creation will start soon. Joining Bingo this year is ‘Inktober’ - a visual art challenge; draw, paint, make icons, banners, whatever the prompts inspire.
For the next week, you can offer up bingo topics and prompts here (comments will be hidden, hopefully, if LJ cooperates, here).  In particular, chime in if there are topics you’d most like to see included. For Inktober you can drop a comment to suggest either a fandom or two that you would prefer prompts for, or a theme you might enjoy (colors, seasons, and art styles jump to mind but please suggest others).

All the details on dates, rules, fills, rewards will be here on or about 10/1 - ’til then, happy start of fall/spring!
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