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Passing the Daily Count challenge to JennyTork!

I managed to add a couple of hundred words to a WIP, and accomplished some editing on it as well. I have a plan to incorporate the comment fic and Word of the Day prompts into said WIP, and to publish it to AO3 as I go. Hopefully that'll help force me to actually FINISH something for once. :}   So now it's your challege day,  jennytork - good luck, hope the words are with you!
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  • Word of the Day 10/19/21 Dolmen

    Dolmen (noun) dolmen [ dohl-men, -muhn, dol- ] noun Archaeology. 1. a structure usually regarded as a tomb, consisting of two or more large,…

  • Word of the Day 10/18/21 Scrimp

    Scrimp (verb) scrimp [ skrimp ] verb (used without object) 1. to be sparing or frugal; economize (often followed by on): They scrimped and…

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    Aureate (adjective) aureate [ awr-ee-it, -eyt ] adjective 1. golden or gilded. 2. brilliant; splendid. 3. characterized by an ornate style of…

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