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Do you have those days where you are waiting on an e-mail? And everytime you see the number on the tab on your inbox increase, you get all excited? Only to find out that Pilsbury has a new recipe? Or Pepperidge Farms is now bringing their fall flavors out again? Or that Old Navy is having the same sale that you've already gotten twenty-five notifications about?

I'm waiting on an e-mail from my car dealership to tell me when my car will be ready. Not that it is ready, just a date that it will be. But no. *sigh*


1. Flash Challenge! Your flash challenge prompt is: Refresh. Give me 100 words or a graphic and it'll be a notification in my inbox that is still not the car dealership!

2. Last week’s challenges:

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3. Big Buddy 84%! Are you on schedule, you still have a few days to catch up! We've got it! We can do this!

4. The Daily Count challenge - Did you get your words in?

5. August Rush! angelus2hot is killing it with these prompts!!!

Counting happens in less than a week - lets cram those words in! August numbers are going to be so freaking awesome! Let's do this!
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