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Help me celebrate!

It's been a dearth of words for me for some time, so I am extremely proud to announce I have posted NEW words, after a good two and a half years since my last new fic was posted to A03!

If you remember, or have any interest, in Eric Bana/Karl Urban RPF, this is for you! I have written a sequel to my story from 2008 (OMG!) called 'The Mechanics of Love', featuring these two as characters in a story of my own invention. The new story can be read here:

Engineering Love on AO3 or Engineering Love on LJ, whichever is your place of happiness.

If it's not your thing, no sweat. Just congratulate me on actually beginning to post. It's in seven parts, and the first one is up! I'll probably only post one a week, or it'll never happen as this has taken me about two hours just to get this far!
Tags: creation: fic, exclaim: woohoo!

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