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Word of the Day 08/20/19 Anomaly

Anomaly (noun)
a·nom·a·ly [uh-nom-uh-lee]
(previously 05-19-13)

1. a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.
2. someone or something that is abnormal or incongruous, or does not fit in; an anomalous person or thing: With his quiet nature, he was an anomaly in his exuberant family.
3. an odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.
4. an incongruity or inconsistency.
5. Astronomy. a quantity measured in degrees, defining the position of an orbiting body with respect to the point at which it is nearest to or farthest from its primary.
6. Meteorology. the amount of deviation of a meteorological quantity from the accepted normal value of that quantity.
7. Grammar, irregularity.

deviation, abnormality, oddity, aberration, rarity, irregularity, inconsistency, exception, incongruity, departure, peculiarity, eccentricity, unorthodoxy, unconformity

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1, 2 abnormality, exception, peculiarity.

Origin: 1565–75; < Latin anomalia < Greek anomalía, equivalent to an?mal ( os ) anomalous + -ia -ia

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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