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Pool Party Ficlets

I managed to complete this challenge this year. Hooray!!!

My bounty is under the cut.

1. Bloody Mess, Buffyverse, Angel and Spike

"Bloody hell!" Spike swore. "I hate when that happens!"

"What happened?" Angel asked as he joined Spike.

"I stake the damn thing and instead of turning to dust, which is easy to clean up by the way," Spike muttered in reply. "It leaves a nasty, bloody mess."

"I hate when that happens as well, but let's clean it up and move on," Angel told him before walking away.

"Not like you have to clean up the bloody thing," Spike grumbled, but set about cleaning up the dead monster.

2. Patience, Silence of tthe Lambs, Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal always considered himself a patient man, but that patience had been greatly tested by the FBI in general and Frederick Chilton in particular.

Once he escaped from the FBI, he followed the good doctor patiently waiting for his chance to have the man for dinner.

As destinations go, the Carribean was not a bad choice and Hannibal relished in his anonymity.

He told Clarice good-bye and hung up the phone. He adjusted his hat and followed Chilton from his plane to his hotel room.

It was going to be a very enjoyable evening for one of them, Hannibal thought as he tried to decide what wine he was going to pair with the man's liver.

3. Land and Sea, Aquaman, Arthur Curry

The first time he stepped on land he hadn't liked it because it shifted under his feet. It got stuck between his toes and made him uncomfortable. He quickly returned to the sea.

The second time he stepped on land he liked it a little better than his first time. He walked along the packed sand with ease and was able to see things he had missed the first time.

The third time he stepped on land was better than the second time. He was able to see and do more interacting with the people his father had always warned him about.

The fourth time he stepped on land was even better than the third time. This time he fell in love and the desire to return to the sea while still with him is overshadowed by this love.

4. Differences, Lucifer, Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer settled back in his seat and quietly regarded Chloe as she drove them to yet another crime scene.

He considered her the light to his dark.

She was blonde whereas he had black hair.

She was a stickler for rules whereas he was willing to bend them to get a desired outcome.

She belived in following the clues to solve a case whereas he believed in hunches and off the wall ideas.

But the main thing that made them so different from one another was the fact that she believed in redemption. He believed in damnation having been damned for so many centuries.


"Are you alright?" she asked him as they left the car. "You were rather quiet on the ride over here?"

"I'm fine," he was quick to reassure her. "We have a puzzle to solve so can we get to it?"

She slipped under the crime scene tape as he held up for her with a brief nod. She would get to the bottom of his somber mood once they were finished working the crime scene.

She had discovered just recently it was hard for him to keep things from her, which meant he had developed feelings for her despite vowing not to.

She heard him sigh and then move to the opposite side of the crime scene from her.

It was going to be another interesting day, but when you had the Devil as your partner life was rarely dull.

5. Change of Plans, Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley

Crowley sighed at the lost opportunity to take Aziraphale on a truly decadent holiday along the Mediterranean coast.

He pushed up his sunglasses and went search of his angel, so they could find the anti-Christ and save the Earth from being destroyed per God's design.


"What has made you so sour today beside us having to thwart God?" Aziraphale asked as he slid into the passenger seat of Crowley's Bentley.

"I had plans for us to spend some time along the Mediterranean coast sampling the food and vintages, but now we have to find the anti-Christ and stop Armageddon," Crowley grumbled in response.

"If everything works out, and it will, we will have plenty of time for such a nice holiday," Aziraphale assured him.

Crowley shook his head. Aziraphale could be too positive for him at times. He put the Bentley in drive and started on their search.

Aziraphale smiled. He reached across and gave Crowley's leg a reassuring pat before turning his attention to the scenery as it sped by.

6. Heat Wave, Good Omens, Aziraphale and Crowley

Crowley smiled as he joined Aziraphale on the walkway outside of his house. He was enjoying the July heatwave that had much of humanity bitching and whining, and otherwise wishing for winter.

He softly chuckled at his neighbor as the man hurried into the blessed coolness of his house.

Aziraphale shook his head at Crowley's amusement.

"What?" Crowley inquired regarding the angel over the top of his sunglasses.

"Just admiring your dark sense of humor," Aziraphale informed him.

"Right," Crowley muttered. After so many centuries as friends, Aziraphale could still perplex him.

"I know you are enjoying this heat," his fellow immortal said changing the subject of their conversation. "But your plants aren't. They could stand to be watered."

Crowley walked over to the tiny garden he had planted outside his house. He immediately noticed that many of the plants were wilting in the heat. "I forgot to water them this morning and now it is too hot to do so without harming them," he told Aziraphale.

"Hopefully, they can hold out until it cools down later and you can water them," Aziraphale quietly commented.

"What are we to do in the meantime then?" Crowley asked.

"Get a couple of frozen lollies and watch the children play in the sprinklers at the park," Aziraphale suggested.

"What a wonderful idea," Crowley remarked and headed off to the park with Aziraphale following close behind.

7. Expression of Love, Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley

"What's the matter with you today, angel?" Crowley asked Aziraphale as he settled on the couch the angel kept in the backroom of his shop.

"Nothing," Aziraphale replied with a hint of a blush on his cheeks. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you are staring at me like a love sick fool as some humans are fond of saying," Crowley answered before taking a sip of wine.

"Like you hung the stars?" Aziraphale countered.

"That too," Crowley murmured. He didn't like to be reminded of his life prior to his Fall.

"Well, didn't you?"

"I did, but that is beside the point."

Aziraphale softly chuckled.

"I sense you judging me," Crowley said feeling compelled to say something.

"Never that, my prickly friend," Aziraphale assured him and then leaned forward to draw him into a gentle, wine flavored kiss.


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