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Pool Party Fill!

I've finally finished watching Good Omens and just wanted to hug it and squish it and call it George! So I wrote some words!

Fandom: Good Omens
Rating: G - Gen
It is a bit spoilery. Thank you to asphaltcowgrrl for a quick read through


Agh! He hated being adorable. Aziraphale could be as adorable as he wanted. Actually, the angel was frequently more adorable than he expected to be. Except, and Crowley stifled an adorable giggle at the thought, on the rare occasion where Aziraphael tried to be adorable, and then he failed adorably.

But Crowley couldn’t be adorable. Couldn’t be part of an adorable pair. Unlike the witch and the witch-finder, and really, you didn’t need to be an Agnes Nutter to see that pairing coming. They were adorable, sickeningly so. Crowley never signed up to be part of something like that.

Not that he would, could… whatever, not like that. He had a drive for decadence, a drive for indulgence, and depravity, all the good things. Just no ambition for toward the wantonness of the sin of the human flesh. ‘Course he wasn’t human, so…

So adorability should be right out too. Even if Puppies and stuffed bears and plastic hair ornaments weren’t human…

He refused to be adorable.

And Aziraphale smiled beatifically at the idea of lunch. And Crowley laughed at the miraculously free table at the Ritz. And he was suddenly part of adorable.
Tags: challenge: pool party, creation: fic

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