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August Rush Planning!

OMG! Yes, I am spamming you. It's a week and a half until my favourite visual feast here at 1_million_words gets ready to run! Yes, I am talking about AUGUST RUSH!


If you can help gather screenshots/high res pics for any of the fandoms we choose, please comment here!

If you want to have a say in which fandoms we use for the Rush this year, comment here! I'll leave these unscreened this year, so if someone has already put up your favourite fandom suggestion, you don't need to repeat it. Suggest as many as you like, but remember we will vote at the end of the week for our 5-6 finalists. Any genre, any fandom, book/movie/tv/band or anything at all! We are free and easy here!

Once the final fandoms have been voted on (so watch for the poll by the end of the weekend), I'll announce the winners and post the rules. Just for those who don't know how it works, there will be 20 pictures overall for each fandom, and they'll be posted daily (weekdays only) from the 5th August until the 30th August this year, with weekends as catch-up days. Your challenge is to post at least 100 words or 2 icons inspired by each picture in your chosen fandom/s. Participate or complete the whole thing; it's all up to you!

Comment away! ;-)
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