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Word of the Day 07/10/19 Florid

FloridFlorid (adjective)
flor·id [flawr-id, flor-]
(previously 05-14-13)

1. reddish; ruddy; rosy: a florid complexion.
2. flowery; excessively ornate; showy: florid writing.
3. Obsolete. abounding in or consisting of flowers.

flo·rid·i·ty [flaw-rid-i-tee, fluh-] /flɔˈrɪd ɪ ti, flə-/, flor·id·ness, noun
flor·id·ly, adverb
o·ver·flor·id, adjective
o·ver·flor·id·ly, adverb
o·ver·flor·id·ness, noun
un·flor·id, adjective

decorative, baroque, flamboyant, sonorous, ornate, glowing, aureate, busy, figurative, flowery, fussy, grandiloquent, high-flown, luscious, magniloquent, ornamental, overblown, pretentious, rhetorical, rich

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2. flamboyant, grandiloquent, rococo; flash, gaudy.

1. pale.
2. plain, simple, unaffected.

1635–45; < Latin floridus, equivalent to flor ( ere ) to bloom (see florescence) + -idus -id

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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