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June Challenge banners!

We had five members participating in the Icon/Drabble challenge for June - thank you all for your participation and the words you added to our count! Congrats to all of you!

You will find your rewards banners below the cut.

1MW drabble-icon-challenge banner.jpg

First off, we had one person cover a prompt for each of the 28 days:

And four others who contributed for as many days as they could, with a special mention for agdhani who got very close to using all 112 prompts, although she couldn't quite manage for every day in the challenge period. I should have added something extra to your banner, my dear, but I didn't quite think of it until I'd finished making them... You did FANTASTICALLY though, and we all appreciate how many words you always add to our totals! *massive hugs*

Wonderful work, all of you! *starts round of applause*
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: drabble/icon, creation: image

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