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June Challenge- thumbnails and banners, potential book covers...

Since words and I are only sort of getting along lately, I decided to make graphics for the June challenge. Here are a bunch of thumbnails, and some banners and larger graphics the prompts inspired- feel free to grab and use/rework/etc...

Icons first- the prompts include: scarlet, cobalt, lapis lazuli, beach, cerise, under a tree, forest green, lavender, marmalade, crimson, charcoal, at the office, lemon, desert sand, dancing, teracotta, banana, mauve, silver.

Yikes, when I posted this the other day I forgot to include the one I spent the most time on...if anyone could use a old-timey looking postcard....

Some larger images: Some of these got a little odd, like the prompt 'massive' which led to a web image of a massive tomato, which then turned into...fractal art. Lol. Maybe someone's writing a chef AU and needs a menu cover? :}.

I like this re-working of a news image of an abandoned mall. Dystopia AU?

Prompts for forest green and under a tree...

At the Office:

and finally...a couple that could be used for tags and such.

I had hoped for a blackout, but I think I'm going to be happy with this and move on to July!

Tags: challenge: drabble/icon

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