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Word of the Day 06/12/19 Decoration

Decoration (noun)
decoration [ dek-uh-rey-shuh n ]

1. something used for decorating; adornment; embellishment: The gymnasium was adorned with posters and crepe-paper decorations for the dance.
2. the act of decorating.
3. interior decoration.
4. a badge, medal, etc., conferred and worn as a mark of honor: a decoration for bravery.

non·dec·o·ra·tion, noun
o·ver·dec·o·ra·tion, noun
re·dec·o·ra·tion, noun
su·per·dec·o·ra·tion, noun

ornament, color, wreath, trinket, finery, design, ribbon, plaque, badge, flounce, adornment, spangle, frill, enhancement, improvement, elaboration, designing, illumination, garnish, flourish

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Origin: 1575–85; < Late Latin decorātiōn- (stem of decorātiō) an ornament. See decorate, -ion

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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