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It's Weekend Challenge Time!

Hi there, and Happy Weekend! I scoured the web for a mix of prompt options, and came up with four generators and a list that I expect could lead to some fine fic and/or art! Just let me know you are in, and I can deal you up one of each of these:

* A Line of Dialogue
* A Meet Cute, Meet Ugly, just MEET already...(i.e. prompts for AU versions of how your characters met)
* A random Image
* A random question - pick a character, and imagine it's asked of them

If you'd rather have a different mix - say, three lines of dialogue and one random question, then feel free to specify. And all the generators have multiple options, so if after your first set you want a re-shuffle and another deal, let me know.

Write 200 words+, or create some art by Thursday 9pm Eastern and I'll make you some icons, write you a ficlet, or put words on a WIP!
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